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Jewellery – Vintage

Sterling Silver Scottish Brooch

Set in Sterling , This Scottish Brooch measures 48mm.

017The purple stone for some reason has been painted silver from behind.019

Beautifully enameled Sterling Silver Butterfly Brooch .

Set in Sterling Silver with pink and green enamel .

Marked Sterling silver with the number 2363.

The width of the butterfly is 58mm.     $120012

Sterling Silver Sovereign Case . 1912

Hallmarked Birmingham 1912 and beautifully engraved.

There is a wee dent to the bottom of the back of the case.

Snaps firmly closed. Very nice piece   $355008009

Antique 9ct Amethyst & Seedpearl Clover Brooch.

038Set in 9ct Gold, with 3 Amethysts & 26 Seed pearls.

Circa 1910   $355

Antique Large 9ct Gold Fob Seal

032047Set in 9ct Gold with a carved Cornelian .

Some knocks to the edge of the gold, but in general good condition.

Oval length is just under 3cm. Hight is also 3cm.

Circa 1900   $550

Large Vintage 9ct Gold & Cameo Brooch.

Large Cameo Brooch set in 9ct Gold.012

size 6.5cm / 5cm.  $695